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Professional Coaching

Be Your Extraordinary!

"We try to live up to history, but we need to rewrite history."  - Kylie, Griffith Base Hospital -

"If you are always trying to be NORMAL, you will never know HOW AMAZING YOU CAN BE." 

 - Stephen Covey -

"You are not dictated by your past. Your future is created BY YOUR DECISIONS ABOUT HOW YOU WANT IT TO BE."  - Fiona Ellis -

We are only limited by the way we think, the attitude we take. Everyday we have a choice to choose what we think, we can choose to mastermind our mind in the way we think, or we can, unknowingly, choose to be at the effect of other people's thinking. 

Professional coaching could help you choose with clarity, facilitate change and transform your life's journey to the way you want.

There is nothing you can't have, do or be.

"It is your be the ULTIMATE YOU!"  - Sharon Pearce  Founder The Coaching College -

Jane Drane

I first met Dot in 2004 when she was presenting at the NSW College of Nursing. I was immediately captivated by her style of presentation – bright, bubbly, funny and of course, informative. Over the ensuing years, Dot helped me through some tough situations especially with my role in a leadership position. I found her all-encompassing coaching techniques were delivered with empathy, humour and sincerity, focusing not solely, but with a resounding positive influence. She possesses the impeccable expertise to be supportive, inspiring, and sincere with words of wisdom and – with a heart of gold - committing to fulfilling her vision to help others attain and maintain motivation and passion as working professionals.

In her words: “I am walking with you”. Thanks Dot.

 - Jane Drane - RN GradDipAddMlth  


Dot Yam is a very special human being and has given very generously her love and support through coaching over many years of my life. I met Dot at a turning point in my career and she impressed me so much that over time I changed the way I thought about my life and achieved some amazing results due to having Dot as my coach and mentor. Dot never stops improving herself only to give back to her clients 10 fold. Her energy, her positive view, her attitude to always help others has been powerful to her success as a person and a leader in Healthcare. She is an amazing example of the effect one person can make to create change and empower others to do the same.

- Michelle Deroubaix - RN   University Lecturer

Diana Wong

I have had the privilege of knowing Dot for over 10 years. Dot has a long term involvement and passion in nursing and allied health. Over the years, Dot has provided me with personal coaching that has motivated and inspired me to best that I can be professionally and personally. 

For anyone looking for a professional coach and mentor, I can highly recommend Dot. The one-on-one time we have spent together is nurturing, inspiring and instructive! Dot is an extraordinary leader and mentor, she has provided me with life skills that have helped me achieve amazing results

Diana Wong  RN, PhD student